Work Anniversary
Designer, Tom celebrates 5 years at We Are 778
What he has to say

We are incredibly proud of our dedicated, creative team at We Are 778. Especially when they reach important career milestones.

Today, we celebrate our brilliant designer, Tom. It’s his 5th year at We Are 778, producing great work.

Here is what he had to say: “Five years ago, I graduated from university and returned to my hometown of Bournemouth. It was here that I found my entry point into the design industry, at We Are 778.

Throughout the years

“In the previous five years, I have seen the studio move location and expand the team size twice over, finding itself where it is today. In that time the industry model has shifted, now focusing on small teams with big ideas – exactly what We Are 778 embodies.

Personal growth

“With this team size comes more responsibility, which is a great advantage to a young designer. This has offered me a greater exposure to clients and creative decision making. I am so proud of the direction We Are 778 is taking and the opportunity to help spearhead this from my very start here. Now… who’s putting the kettle on?”