Captain of Multitasking: Laura Taylor
Laura Taylor Joins We Are 778
Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to the newest member of our Award-Winning Design Team.

Say hello to Laura, who has been supporting at C-Suite level for 22 years and latterly helping start-ups, entrepreneurs and micro companies kick start their businesses by solving their administration pain points.

Her time working with various stakeholders has given her the confidence, skills, and experience to jump right in and become part of a new team very quickly.


Her aspirations are to give the team time back to be able to have uninterrupted focus to work on current client projects and prepare for new projects in the pipeline.

She is keen to bring the work life balance back inline for the team and create a plan of action going forward so everyone feels that they are the best version of themselves personally and for our clients.

‘I cannot wait to bring in some new ways of working that will benefit everyone and streamline the business, so it will carry on thriving and have continued successes’.

First Week

So how has she enjoyed her first week at We Are 778?

‘My first week has been a time of getting to know the team and the business, looking at every angle and where I can add value. I am super excited to be part of such an inspiring and forward-thinking design agency’.

We are already feeling calmer knowing that we have someone around to give us some much-needed admin support, as we grow the business. Laura and the team have already started planning some exciting new things which will evolve the business in the forthcoming months… so watch this space!