We Are Multi-Award Winners!
What did we win?

We Are 778 are proud to announce the taking home of our second National Award.

December is traditionally a month for celebration and we are certainly taking advantage of this, as we add to our trophy cabinet.

This award shows how our work is being recognised for its creativity. Especially in a rapidly changing and challenging industry.

How did we win it?

We were the recipients of the Innovation/Creativity Award for Under 40 Staff, from The Drum Recommends Digital Award panel.

Each project that enters the studio has the opportunity to be tackled from different creative directions. It are these creative solutions that we strive for when we develop work for our clients.

We are honoured that our clients recognise this from the feedback we receive, from the work we have produced.

This award is a collaborative effort between We Are 778 and our clients. This award is as much yours as it is the studios.

Once again, we cant thank you enough.

What does it mean for 778?

After receiving the award for Client Service Under 40 Staff, earlier this year, the studio has produced some of the most exciting work to date.

It is these projects that allow us to flex our creative muscles in new and innovative ways.

This award celebrates that success and reinforces our belief that our small and mighty team deliver big results, with big agency thinking.

While we will reflect on what we did in 2019, this award only inspires us to continue to produce exciting, creative and innovative work in 2020.