Student Placement: Miroslav Ivanov
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This year’s studio placements continue, with Miroslav Ivanov who joined our ranks for two weeks this August – showing a great aptitude for commercial motion graphics.

He worked with our creative team, producing our very first Design Show Reel 2019. Our team couldn’t be more excited with the results, which we will share with you all soon.

We met Miroslav in February, while our team critiqued 2nd Year #aubmakers portfolios at the AUB Graphic Design Network Event back.

Miroslav was a stand out talent, clearly looking to advance in the creative arena.

What they had to say

Here’s what Miroslav had to say about his experience at We Are 778.

“The team here is small, yet more than capable of handling high-end clients. The level of professionalism shows on their website and all of the work they produce. I am happy I could be part of the team for the time I was here.

“I began work on a show reel for the studio. I was supplied with all of the project assets and a two week lead time to complete this project. Most importantly I was provided with help and support from my mentors, Tom and Adam at all times.

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“A potential to unleash my creativity and experiment was encouraged. It was a very different experience from what I am used to at university – I enjoyed every bit of it.

“I felt like I could contribute value to the studio. This experience has also helped me rediscover my passion for motion graphics.

Miroslav is now confident this is the area he would like to continue to operate in as a creative. We wish him all the best and am sure he will achieve great things. Check out more of his work here: