Student Placement: Maddie Hellyer
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We Are 778 welcome our first student placement of the year, Maddie Hellyer. She joined our ranks for two weeks this July 2019 – consequently showcasing an impressive grasp of commercial design from the get go.

We met Maddie while our team critiqued 2nd Year #aubmakers and Design Students web-based portfolios, at the AUB Graphic Design Network Event back in February.

We were impressed by all of the talented students looking to advance in the creative arena. It was our pleasure to support the Arts University Bournemouth in this way at their latest Networking and Internship Event.

What they had to say

Here’s what Maddie had to say about her experience at We Are 778.

“This was my first placement in the creative industry, so I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the creative synergy running throughout the team.

“This allowed a smooth, seamless and systematic journey through the Brand project we worked on. It was inspiring to observe.”

See more of their work

“I think their honesty about the creative industry and willingness to share their own experiences has been insightful.

“The skills I’ve learnt within my time here will allow me to go forward in my career with confidence. I will definitely look to continue in the branding and marketing arena.”

We wish Maddie all the best, as she is an incredible talent. Check out more of his work here: