Designer: Jaz Clark
Welcome to the team!

Today we welcome the newest member of our Award Winning Design Team.

Say hello to Jaz, who has been operating as a professional designer since her final year of university. Followed by several subsequent years experience in the Design Agency arena.

Her time working with many client types has armed her with an impressive creative arsenal – enabling her to produce design with confidence, in any field.


Her aspirations are clear upon joining our ranks. “I hope to further my knowledge of branding, building experiences with real heart and soul”, she explains.

She goes on to add enthusiastically, “I want to create beautiful design systems that truly demonstrate each unique brand value.

“I am looking forward to experiencing new ways of approaching this goal, by working on some great branding projects our team are currently focused on.”

First week

So how has she enjoyed her first week at We Are 778?

“The highlights have been getting to know the lovely members of this creative team, as well as being briefed on some really exciting upcoming projects,” she explains.

We’re super-enthusiastic about having Jaz join our ranks. She has already embraced our ethos and energy. We’re sure the results will speak for themselves.