April 01, 2018
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Logo ‘Easter Egg’ Hunt

While the price to create a trademark logo can vary, designs that cleverly convey an immediate impression about a brand are priceless. However, great logo design goes beyond simple beauty. Every curve, line and colour conveys its own meaning, with many logos including ‘easter eggs’ that viewers can hunt for.

These subliminal messages (i.e. logo easter eggs), have deeply rooted meanings hidden in or behind a logo symbol – revealing key details about a brand’s history, product offering and motives.

Logo symbolism can be obvious in some cases, skilfully subtle in others. Either way, executed properly will successfully nail the visual dialogue intended for client and customer alike.

The creative team at We Are 778 are understandably passionate about logo design especially those including cool easter eggs. Here we’ve laid out a delectable selection for you to visually digest.

Read below to discover the meaning behind these logo marks

Logo ‘Easter Eggs’


Bowden Tailored Wood – The Letter Height of the letter B, from the brand title, is paired with rectangle dimensions found in tailored hard wood – used in the company’s joinery construction. Multiple lines applied echo age rings found in hardwood.



Colektiv – This proposed logo uses shapes synonymous with print registration marks – which help with print alignment. Including these symbols epitomise a brand that aligns itself with high-profile clients via luxury print products. Hidden within the logo is the letter C, from the brand’s title.



Eden Park – This proposed concept presents dual metaphors. The primary one displays a tree shape, advocating the development name and growth synonymous with investing in a ‘new family space’. Similarly, logo shapes can be interpreted as a ship – representing the heraldry and nautical themes associated with the development’s location (i.e. Arms of Weymouth & Melcombe Regis).

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